What’s this all about?

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


Hello Orion….. I have said that potentially 3500 times now. It’s been a constant in my life for a long time. You see, I bought my house over 23 years ago and during the winter months, Orion sits right above my house greeting me as I walk in. I moved into this house alone because the man I was living with was 13 hours away at the federal law enforcement training center; I live in this house alone now because the subsequent marriage didn’t work out. I didn’t have kids then, I do now – but they will be off on their own soon enough. So many things have changed and altered. I have changed and become a different woman over the years. But still, Orion greets me when I arrive home.  The stars are good for that.

I always wondered why someone would write a blog, tell their stories to anyone who happened to click on their page. It seemed so random, so open, so vulnerable. I also firmly believed that no one would have any interest whatsoever in me. Maybe they don’t. But maybe I need to not care. I have spent a lot of time being closed off and not letting many people in because I think people don’t care about me.  But more on that in a later post.

I have recently lost weight again; had some success at the gym, too. I’d really like a place to be proud of that, with pictures. Facebook seems too braggy, but my own blog? That seems a-OK.

I make art. I love live music. I am getting my third tattoo tomorrow.

That’s a good enough start for now.

4 thoughts on “What’s this all about?”

  1. An auspicious first step on the journey of journaling with introspection, extrospection, and the courage of vulnerability. People care about you very much.


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