The New Tattoo

Jimmy working on it
In context
Up close

Now come the posts. Probably a couple in quick succession. Partly because it’s new and I am interested and partly because I really need to know what the hell this is going to look like and figure out a decent layout!

Let’s start with today’s big news – I got my third tattoo!! I always knew I was going to get at least one more, having just two was unsettling. I hate even numbers. In fact, I will ended up with either 3, 5, 7, or 11 tattoos in my lifetime. But not nine – nine is not prime, and I can’t have that. My first tattoo was just three years ago and on my foot, which may be one of the most painful places to get one. My artist tried to wave me off, but that’s where I really wanted it. The second is on my ribs, also supposed to be very painful. When he mentioned that, I looked at him, smirked and pointed to my foot. So now it’s on to my forearm. Easy peasy.

It took a long while to decide what I really wanted. I knew where I wanted it, just not what. I’ve been gathering ideas for a good two years and now seemed like the right time to do it. The yin and yang symbol, whatever it means to you, means balance to me. Two sides of one whole, with a little of this in that and a little of that in this. Balance. Just as that first tattoo did then, and continues to now, remind me to live a full life, this one is going to remind me to keep my center and make sure the give and take is even. But I wasn’t interested in a standard yin and yang, I wanted something fancier, a little filigree-like. I took several of the ideas I had gathered to my artist and I was so happy to see that his design was more beautiful than the samples I had given him. I am happy to have this great piece on my arm.

Now for the itching!


What’s this all about?

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Hello Orion….. I have said that potentially 3500 times now. It’s been a constant in my life for a long time. You see, I bought my house over 23 years ago and during the winter months, Orion sits right above my house greeting me as I walk in. I moved into this house alone because the man I was living with was 13 hours away at the federal law enforcement training center; I live in this house alone now because the subsequent marriage didn’t work out. I didn’t have kids then, I do now – but they will be off on their own soon enough. So many things have changed and altered. I have changed and become a different woman over the years. But still, Orion greets me when I arrive home.  The stars are good for that.

I always wondered why someone would write a blog, tell their stories to anyone who happened to click on their page. It seemed so random, so open, so vulnerable. I also firmly believed that no one would have any interest whatsoever in me. Maybe they don’t. But maybe I need to not care. I have spent a lot of time being closed off and not letting many people in because I think people don’t care about me.  But more on that in a later post.

I have recently lost weight again; had some success at the gym, too. I’d really like a place to be proud of that, with pictures. Facebook seems too braggy, but my own blog? That seems a-OK.

I make art. I love live music. I am getting my third tattoo tomorrow.

That’s a good enough start for now.